About Us

South Downs Venison and Game is owned and run by Jack and Jessica Smallman

Our History

South Downs Venison and Game was set up in October 2008 by Jack and Jessica Smallman. With a passion for outdoor life and a love of good food, their aim has always been to produce and sell first class wild venison and game direct to their customers. With the abundance of wild meat on their doorstep, they took the opportunity and set up a small game handling unit selling a select amount of cuts through local farmer’s markets. In 2012 with the knowledge that more and more people were interested in food provenance and animal welfare, they took the leap and set up an EC Approved Game Handling Establishment to meet the growing demands. The company has continued to grow and has built up a loyal customer base.

Meet the team

South Downs Venison has a small but dedicated team of staff who are willing to turn their hand to most aspects of the business, especially at busy times. Whether it’s plucking pheasants, jointing a rabbit or making sausages, most of the team can turn their hand. This allows us to have a flexible approach for our customers, while maintaining a consistently high standard. Our fully trained butchers work around the clock to provide an extensive range of cuts, as well as handmade sausages and burgers.

How and Why

The wild meat produced by South Downs Venison and Game is sourced from Estates and parks along the South Downs. The deer are shot as part of a managed culling process by professional hunters. Jack is very much part of the culling process, whether it is culling from our own land or helping out on other Estates during the culling season. The two species predominantly found roaming wild within our estates are Fallow and Roe deer.

Managing the wild deer population is essential to maintaining healthy herds and protecting the woodland habitat from intensive over browsing, which consequently damages and kills young trees. Our venison is humanely dispatched by expert and qualified stalkers, butchered within our EU-licenced premises, with each high-quality cut being traced back to one of the wooded estates on the Downs. All cuts are completely natural and free from any additives.

Wild game has a distinct yet delicious flavour. Whether you are a simple family cook who is looking for a quick week day supper, or someone who is wishing to impress their friends at a dinner party, there is a cut suitable for any occasion. This is a truly natural product that can be traced right back to its origin. With no need for abattoirs it means that the animal has suffered zero stress pre-kill and therefore the quality of the meat is second to none. Wild game has a long list of health benefits; venison in particular is higher in protein and iron than other red meats, as well as being low in cholesterol and fat.

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